Friday, February 13, 2009

Homework: Thinking About Our Social Media Strategy

This is the hardest part. We do want to achieve all of the objectives outlined on p. 16: Teaching; Increasing brand awareness; managing our reputation; getting grantees and other service professionals to talk about us; getting grantees to contribute content; increasing visits to our site.

We may need to focus primarily on increasing visits to our site right now, but continually revise our objective and strategy. The second major objective would be teaching. We want to both teach grantees about the great resources we have, and teach grantees how to use social media. We think the best way to do the latter is to lead by example.

A more specific objective would be to increase the number of CNCS grantees coming to our site by a certain percentage (what is reasonable?) over the next year. We won't be able to measure who is or isn't a grantee until we get user login (and even then we'll only be measuring those who choose to log in).

Target Audience:
CNCS Grantees - we know about them through the listservs
We need to know more about whether they use social media.

Drive people to the best resources on our site.

Culture Change:
May need to do a 23 Things internally to get people using these tools

Things are at a pace right now where I can handle it. Could change dramatically when our website itself becomes a community. Plan for an additional staff member in this area.

Tools and Tactics:
We already listen and participate on listservs

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