Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day One - Afternoon

Listen, Participate, Tell Your Story, Generate Buzz, Build Community

John Kenyon presenting

Listening - google alerts, technorati, twitter search. Summarize what you find for other staff. Even though we may find it hard to listen to "the resource center" we can listen to "national and community service"

Listening leads to participation. Decide who is empowered to respond; how will you address negative comments; what is the goal of your participation? Question from audience - could volunteers be our ears? A: with the right processes in place - decision tree, e.g.

Example of Katya of Network for Good responding to complaint on The GiveWell blog about Network for Good taking a cut of donations.

Participation can cultivate bloggers.

Storytelling - types of blogs:
Institutional Blog
Content Aggregator (curating content on a topic)
Specialized Content
Personality Blog
- Nina Simon. (maybe draft Nina for IT Futures?)

Podcasting - if you do it, do it on a consistent schedule with a consistent style.

How are you engaging with people encouraging content creation?
This is key for us. So much expertise out there in the field. Share knowledge, photos, tools (forms, etc.).

Tool: utterli (like ping?)

What actions do you want people to take when they come in contact with your buzz?

Example - Jonathan Colman of Nature Conservancy getting a success on Digg - the secondary effect (bloggers writing about you, etc.)

Community Building and Social Networking
Questions to answer
evolving to your web presence being a social network - this is the path we are on, albeit slowly and with caution, as we also still need to be an information-rich site.

Are you a marketer or a community manager?

Social Media Strategy Simulation Game
Awesome game - need to play it with RC staff!
One takeaway - different pieces of a social media strategy can be synergistic - we meshed listening, sharing our story, and participation in order to specifically target bloggers we wanted to write about us.

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