Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Two - Morning

Holly: Tension between being an individual and representing your organization. She holds herself back from swearing, expressing political views.

People sharing their "aha" moments from yesterday. Objective needs to be clear. Social media strategy is another part of marketing efforts and needs the same type of planning (objective, audience, implementation).

Question: Boomers and seniors - are they really online? Examples: Beth's dad - she talked to him about blogging (see video). He started a blog. Geriatric1927 - popular 81-year-old vlogger on youtube.

Idea - we really need to do some kind of survey to find out if our users are on any social media platforms.

Share Pairs - lots of great discussions - my partners agreed that nailing down objectives and audiences is difficult.

FLIP cameras - make taking video super easy - resource for activists using mobile technology
the extraordinaries - volunteer using your phone - 20 minute assignments

Entrepreneurs Foundation - listserv problem same as ours. Suggestion - shut down listservs and migrate to discussion lists. Ideas: focus groups, discussion on listservs about why new groups will be valuable. "Who moved my cheese" Ask people what are your fears?

cool thing i noticed today - case foundation did 25 things meme - smart idea.

The Following Notes are From the Slideshow Listen, Learn, Adapt.

Wendy Harman of Red Cross - organized listening strategy - spreadsheet of blog posts about Red Cross. She was able to show importance of social media.

Think like a rocket scientist. Stay open, live with failures. Report their findings. Make mistakes and learn from them. Document as you go. (I can learn from my own mistake - have not been documenting our Twitter follower growth over time or trying to tie it to specific events).

Observe and sift through data like a primatologist - live with and observe your audience in their natural social environment. Digital anthropologist. We could set up a writeboard and have people contribute evidence of grantees using social media. Once we launch our Facebook fan page it may be easier to listen. Do searches on Facebook for americorps, senior corps, etc.

Document on the fly - Slide 29 - especially helpful. Slides 30 and 31 - how Beth documents with delicious, flickr, and snagit (screen capture plus notes - get free copy on techsmith - like skitch).

Page views not the only web metric anymore (Slides 38 - 39)
Engagement metrics. For blogs - five C's. Create, Coment, Click, Collect (i.e., is your post being bookmarked), Critic. Tool for measuring: postrank.

Read Nina Simon Why Doesn't Anyone Comment on Your Blog?

Humane society lolseals photo contest - learned from first contest. Next contest even better - Facebook application.

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