Saturday, February 14, 2009


Since some of my notes in this blog over the past few days are knowledge that is already captured in the wiki, I'm going to go back over my notes and clean them up and fine tune them so that they are specifically pertinent to our agency's needs.

First, a brain dump for Beth, Holly, and John - ideas for the next iteration of the workshop:

1) The game we played at the end of day one was awesome. I don't know if this is possible but I'm wondering if there is a way to start the exercise earlier, and then give people some time to segue from the exercise into crafting their own social media strategy (essentially giving folks workshop time to do that night's "homework"). Having the cards in front of you is helpful: visually thinking through the interplay of audience, strategy, tools.

Alternately, another possible approach might be to save the exercise for near the end of the workshop, after participants have had a chance to really learn exactly what each tool is best for. I remember our team chose Digg although we all had an intuition it wasn't really the best tool - the breakout session on day two confirmed this.

2) It wasn't clear if the participation level of reporting on one's own social media strategy was low because people didn't have time to do their homework or if there was some other reason. For myself, I realized that there were a lot of pieces of the strategy I couldn't craft without more research and more consultation with staff. Perhaps encouraging people to write down what those missing pieces are, not to get blocked by that, but to think about what pieces of the strategy they *can* nail down and what pieces they can't.

What if you said that on Day Two in the morning you would be randomly pulling up blog posts to see what people came up with. Too much pressure? Could be motivating.

3) Connect participants so they can continue to share their progress after the workshop? Either more explicitly suggest that partipants continue to use their blogs and follow each others progress on the blogs after the workshop OR - show how easy it is to set up a Ning space at the very beginning and let people discuss things there? I don't know - maybe that is fragmenting - we already have the wiki and the blogs. I just kind of came away feeling I only had a way to connect with people I specifically took the time to get their business card - maybe ask people if they are willing to have their contact info shared in a list that everyone gets.

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  1. Laura,

    Awesome feedback! I'm realizing now that having people "write their strategy" after just being introduced to the concepts is probably impossible. So, need something that people can begin to think about their strategy?

    Love your idea here. Been also thinking that we could repeat the intensives on the second day or have them afternoon of day 1 and morning of day 2 with game on afternoon day 2.

    Anyway, I think the problem is that in order to actually craft a strategy - it takes time and space. This assignment would work better if the content was delivered over the space of several weeks --- or a series of webinars with smaller assignments in between.

    Or we just tweak our learning goals - to introduce the concept of a strategy and be prepared to write one.

    Thanks for this - thinking about this once I recover